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 F1-S-R (1974) SOLITUDE RENNSTECKE - Launching into the air, Wesley and Jason White battle for position as I calmly follow on. — with Jason White and Wesley Rosella at Stuttgart Solitude.

My incident free race at Interlagos, Brazil gave me new confidence to take on the field safely on the 9th February 2013 at the Solitude Rennstecke; a vintage track that hosted only a four F1 races from 1961 to 1964. Of course that didn’t stop us from brushing the leaves off the dusty old track to take to the tarmac in our wonderful old 1974 racing machines. This circuit – because of it’s long length – was indeed a race of endurance where many dropped out due to accidents and mechanical defects. Highlights of the race were: numerous overtakes by me as many threw themselves off the track, as did I at one point, and a top-ten 8th position. The video below with commentary by Jason White covers the events of the whole race with mentions for me at 11:43.

Screen shots from the race with captions here:

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 F1-S-R 1974: Interlagos Sao Paulo (Brazil) - Philippe, Shaun & Ray coming up to turn one after 4 or so laps. — at Autódromo José Carlos Pace.

Following my first exercsion into the world of vintage simulator racing in the F1-S-R league I incurred a 2 race suspended ban with a view to having it removed if my driving improves. This ban was evoked by a virtual witch-hunt [that was truly scary] after I caused a massive collision at the first corner :\ If you wanna see the footage of this event with commentary by Jason White feel free to watch it at YouTube here. Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on that race as it was quite forgettable – LOL! Over the weeks following this incident I practised and on the 2nd February I was ready to drive the old 741 March Engineering simulator F1 sportcar amongst a truly international field in Interlagos Sao Paulo in Brazil at the  at Autódromo José Carlos Pace race circuit. The race was exciting and I scored my first point with out an incident. Highlights include the loss of my ‘Overtake virginity’, a 1 lap chase with the other gentlemen racers & a frightening collision with the barriers. All in all just happy to finish: screen shots below:

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The 1974 March 741, what a car. As someone that has informal educational affiliations to the automotive industry it is to be expected that one should fall in love with a fast old car every now and again. However, I have never aimed to simulate the use of them before now. After watching a couple of uTube videos I’m well and truly hooked; yearning to simulate the adrenaline pumped experience of a speedy drive around the Long Beach or Anderstorp circuit in an old racecar, to be happy & rejoice in the goodness that is Racecar-dom. While google searching the internets to satisfy these yearning desires I found a place where others endlessly obsess about vintage race cars as well as go out of their way to simulate the past with historic races online. The F1-S-R rFactor group is that place. Here hi-tech vintage race car enthusiasts organise seasons of online simulator racing. Catch them here on Facebook or here on the F1-S-R website forum. See a highlight video from their 2nd race of the winter session here:

Below is an onboard 01:23.55 lap completed in my March 741 Jagermeister sponsored vehicle on the Long Beach circuit. Apparently 01:23.55 is slow though, so hey lot’s of improvement to go and many more pleasurable sessions racing the old motor around a track. Gawd bless the idea that practice make perfect.

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